RM Journal – November 2018


Author: RMLA. Date: 26 November 2018

The RMJ November 2018  is now available to read, download and/or print.




Author: RMLA. Date: 26 November 2018

The RMLA’s RMJ November 2018 is now available to read, download and/or print.

Table of Contents:

Cover and Page 3: Achieving net zero carbon: how the RMA can help – Dhilum Nightingale, Senior Corporate Counsel, Transpower NZ

Page 9: Editorial – Bronwyn Carruthers, Editor

Page 10: Proposed ecosystem-based management principles for New Zealand – Judi Hewitt, Linda Faulkner, Alison Greenaway and Carolyn Lundquist

Page 14:  Shark cage diving and hunting, killing and catching wildlife under the Wildlife Act 195 – Associate Professor Nicola Wheen, University of Otago, Faculty of Law

Page 19: The Auckland Regional Fuel Tax – Funding Transport in Auckland – Jill Gregory, Senior Associate and Tayla Crawford, Solicitor, Bell Gully

Page 23: Case note: Cross leases and s 218 of the RMA – Re McKay [2018] NZEnvC 180 – Thomas Gibbons, Director, McCaw Lewis

Page 26:  Case note: Auckland Council v Auckland Council [2018] NZEnvC 56 – Bronwyn Carruthers, Partner and
Kate Mackintosh, Solicitor, Russell McVeagh

Page 28:  Book review: Environmental Law in New Zealand, 2nd Edition – reviewed by Dr Claire Kirman, Partner, Ellis Gould Lawyers