Call for Nominations

The Resource Management Law Association makes annual awards in the field of resource management.

The focus of the awards is to:

(a)       Award excellence in resource management documents including National Standards, Policy Statements, section 32 analyses, District or Regional plans or other such documents, prepared by or on behalf of government or local authorities in fulfilment of their duties under the Resource Management Act 1991 or other significant documentary contributions such as books and journals;

(b)       Recognise outstanding contributions by individuals; and

(c)       Award projects that have made a significant contribution to the development of best practice and the implementation of the RMA’s purpose and principles.

The Documentation, Project and Regional award decisions are delegated to an RMLA Awards Sub-Committee of the National Committee.

With respect to the Outstanding Person Award, the Awards Committee shall name recommendations, narrowing the nominations down to a shortlist of two (maximum three), with an accompanying report.  The decision on the Outstanding Person award shall then be made by the full National Committee, and the decision of the Committee is final.

Any RMLA member (excluding National Committee members) may submit nominations in writing, for an award.

Any nomination for any team award must identify in submitted documentation any current National Committee members that are team members (or are in the same firm, company or related entity as any team member).

If a National Committee member is a member of any team (or related to any firm, company or related entity nominated for a team award) they shall not participate in or be present at any discussion of or voting on that category of award.

It is important to recognise that a person nominated for a particular award could also qualify for a different category of award for example the John Bollard, Outstanding Person and Regional awards.

There is no formal nomination process.  Simply send a copy of the nominated document/project with a covering note together with the Nomination Form to:

Dina Wahid
Resource Management Law Association
PO Box 89187
Auckland 0742

Or by email to: dina.wahid@rmla.org.nz

The Closing Date for the Awards is 30 August 2023.  Late nominations will be received at the discretion of the committee.

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