Annual Conference

Annual Conference

“Rethinking Resources: RMLA Rotorua 2021! “

Our 2021 conference aims to celebrate the continued and evolving relevance of Resource Management Law in the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.  We collectively operate within a culturally, physically, ecologically and socially dynamic setting that requires agile thought in order to meet the varied present and foreseeable needs of the environment and our communities.  Rotorua demonstrates rethinking of resources in a very tangible way.  The district has developed a brand that embraces its longstanding reliance on cultural and geothermal resources together with the development of significant tourism, agriculture, energy and forestry initiatives that have all flourished under the umbrella of the RMA.  This conference will canvass the many and varied ways in which rethinking resources can result in revitalisation of a community for local, regional and national benefit.

Tūngia te ururoa kia tupu whakaritorito te tutū o te harakeke

In order to change we must be prepared to do things differently

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