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Since New Zealand was first settled our unique biodiversity has been in retreat, from the destruction of habitat, harvest by humans, and successive waves of pests, weeds and diseases. Extinctions have been rapid and the threats to our indigenous biodiversity, although changing form, have continued unabated.  Biodiversity is everyone’s business. It extends into all our backyards and neighbourhoods and is affected by nearly all our activities. Nearly two-thirds of our land area, and over 99% of our marine environment, lies outside protected areas.

The management of nature conservation, biodiversity and biosecurity is complex and covered by a range of statutes and policy including the RMA, Conservation Act, Marine Mammals Protection Act, Reserves Act, National Parks Act, the Climate Change Response Act, and the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act. The Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Knowledge Hub has been established to provide a forum for practitioners to share information, discuss developments and identify opportunities in relation to nature conservation, biodiversity and biosecurity.

Biodiversity / Nature Conservation Knowledge Hub Leader:

Madeleine Wright

Email: Madeleine Wright

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