Air Quality

Air Quality Knowledge Hub

The Air Quality Knowledge Hub will enable air quality professionals to share ideas and receive information relevant to the advancement of air quality management and effective regulation.  In doing so it will provide members with web links to important initiatives by MfE, councils and the commercial sector, as well as links to draft and notified plans, new standards and guidelines.

The Knowledge Hub for Air Quality will be careful to avoid replicating the information and functioning of CASANZ which provides the technical and professional development for air quality professionals, and instead work to complete CASANZ with a focus on science informing effective air quality management and regulation.

Roger Cudmore

Air Quality Knowledge Hub Leader:

Roger Cudmore, Golder Associates

EmailRoger Cudmore

Here is the case law Hunter Laminates 2014 Limited (in liquidation), CRI-2017-042-000416, [2018] NZDC 17605.

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