Pip Wallace

Pip Wallace

University of Waikato School of Social Sciences

It was my interest in and practice of resource management law which led me to take up teaching positions at the University of Waikato. I have taught resource management law at various levels in the Environmental Planning Programme in Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

I teach specifically in the Environmental Planning programme. My particular areas of research interest are:

  • All areas of  Environmental Law, with particular focus on the Resource Management Act 1991 and statutory processes governing resource use, development and protection.

  • Spatial planning, regulation and governance

  • Local government law and planning

  • The common law as it relates to the environment

  • Special focus areas – resource management plans, development, conservation, biodiversity, threatened species, planning methods, spatial planning, internalisation of effects, property rights, farming, organic production, professional planning practice

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