RMLA Webinar : Expert Witnesses – Their role and key skills


Expert witnesses play a critical role in RMA processes. Many RMLA members are expert witnesses themselves, and other members rely on experts in their roles as decision makers, lawyers, or witness conference facilitation.

Having a deeper understanding of what is required to provide evidence that is useful in the decision-making process, knowing how to brief a witness, being prepared for the hearing process and cross examination, and understanding the process of conferencing and what is expected from each participant, will improve the quality of evidence and Joint Witness Statements, and will put the Expert Witness more at ease in a hearing and during conferencing.

At this RMLA webinar we will hear from Chief Environment Judge David Kirkpatrick (EC), Commissioner Jim Hodges (EC), Lawyer Diana Hartley (DLA Piper) and expert witness Bridget Gilbert (BGLA Ltd).

You may view Judge Kirkpatrick’s presentation here.

You may view Commissioner Hodges’ presentation here.

You may view Diana Hartley’s presentation here.

You may view Bridget Gilbert’s presentation here.