RMLA Salmon Lecture 2022 : Resource Management Law – the Next 30 Years


The Salmon Lecture, held this year in Wellington at the Wellington Club on 16 June.  The intent of the lecture is to stimulate and advance critical thinking of resource management law, policy and practice in New Zealand.

This year’s lecture was presented by Dr Royden Somerville QC, who provided his perspective on the next 30 years of resource management law.

Dr Somerville QC specialises in public and environmental law and was awarded the Bollard Lifetime Commemorative Award by the RMLA in 2016.  He is a former Executive Member of the RMLA and has also held office in a number of other professional organisations including the Otago District Law Society, the New Zealand Law Society, the New Zealand Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the NZ Energy and Natural Law Resources Association.

Dr Somerville QC served for 13 years as Chairman of the Ministry for the Environment’s Environmental Legal Assistance Fund Panel, and chaired the Board of Inquiry into the proposed National Policy Statement for Renewable Electricity Generation.  He is a former lecturer in environmental law at the University of Otago and former Chancellor of the University.