Pricing policy key to reducing agricultural emissions


Author: He Pou a Rangi Climate Change Commission Chair Rod Carr

Aotearoa New Zealand must reduce its agricultural emissions and this needs to be supported by a well-designed pricing policy says.

Our emissions are changing the climate and damaging the planet, and the primary sector is where we are already feeling some of these impacts. We need to reduce emissions to net zero for long-lived gases by 2050 and deliver a 24% to 47% reduction in biogenic methane by 2050.

By the end of this year, the Government will need to decide how emissions from agriculture will be priced.

The Commission is providing two pieces of independent, evidence-based advice to feed into Ministers’ decision making. This is alongside advice being given to Ministers by the He Waka Eke Noa partnership.

Agriculture is a major part of the economy and landscape of this country. A smart, well-designed pricing policy will help Aotearoa New Zealand maintain access to high-value markets, while reducing emissions from agriculture.

Our first piece of advice, on what financial assistance – if any – should be provided to farmers participating in an emissions pricing system, was tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Climate Change.

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