New Zealand’s First Emissions Reduction Plan a Critical Turning Point


Climate Change Commission Chief Executive Jo Hendy sets out the Commission’s expectations for the Government’s first Emissions Reduction Plan.

Aotearoa New Zealand will enter a critical new phase in climate action when the Government releases its first Emissions Reduction Plan this month.

The Emissions Reduction Plan will outline the path the Government has decided to take over the next three years to achieve the country’s emissions reduction targets.

The Government will need to have considered the independent advice that He Pou a Rangi Climate Change Commission delivered last year, as well as evidence from its own public consultation, and the advice of a wide range of government ministries and officials.

It is an incredibly important piece of work and will have significant impacts for all New Zealanders.

The Emissions Reduction Plan needs to be able to deliver an immediate change in gears in our national response to climate change. We need strategies that will drive strong emissions reductions across all sectors, and that give certainty around the direction of travel for businesses, investors and communities.

So what should we expect to see in the first plan? In a few words: urgency, decisiveness, cohesion, and collaboration. A comprehensive plan with a clear pathway to meeting Aotearoa New Zealand’s first emissions budget, with Government working alongside business, industry and Iwi/Māori.

Read more detail on some of the priority action areas that the Commission will be looking for in the ERP.