Putting plans in place to protect Auckland’s coastline


Auckland Council’s Whangaparāoa Shoreline Adaptation Plan (SAP) pilot has officially wrapped up, with the report adopted by the Environment and Climate Change Committee.

The pilot, which ran from February to July last year, involved undertaking an assessment of Whangaparāoa’s exposure to coastal hazards and future climate change impacts across the short (20-year), medium (60-year) and long (100-year) term.

It also involved working with mana whenua and engaging with the local community to gain an understanding of what assets they valued most.

The hazard modelling used to inform Shoreline Adaptation Plans considers how climate change will alter the frequency, magnitude and extent of these natural hazards over time.

In the long term, the most significant impacts are related to the potential erosion of coastal land and the subsequent impacts on infrastructure.

Coastal inundation and rainfall flooding will also be worsened by the long-term impacts of climate change, increasing the scale and frequency of flood events and their impact on low-lying areas.

You can find the full Whangaparāoa Shoreline Adaptation Plan report here.