Tracking New Zealand’s use of fossil fuels and low-carbon energy


An updated EECA database gives the latest data on New Zealand’s use of fossil fuel and shows how the country’s transition to low-carbon energy is tracking.

EECA has updated its Energy End Use Database (EEUD) with 2020 (calendar year) figures, providing four years of information in a new online open data visualisation tool and a downloadable spreadsheet of the entire dataset.

ECCA Manager of Evidence Insights and Innovation Kate Kolich says the data shows fossil fuel use for energy continues to dominate key industrial sectors, and in New Zealand’s overall energy profile in general. Renewables, mainly in the form of wood and geothermal, are used significantly in the wood, pulp and paper sectors.

“The transition away from fossil fuel use is underway but EECA’s latest data shows there is a considerable way to go.”

Petrochemical manufacturing, dairy product manufacturing, and the primary metals sectors are New Zealand’s largest energy consuming industrial sectors, making up 30% of total stationary (excludes transport) energy consumption in New Zealand and 56% of stationary energy consumption in industry.

Access the Energy End Use Database visualisation tool at