Ināia tonu nei: a low emissions future for Aotearoa


The Climate Change Commission has released its Advice to the New Zealand Government on its first three emissions budgets and direction for its emissions reduction plan 2022 – 2025

Aotearoa has committed to reaching net zero emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases by 2050 and reducing biogenic methane emissions between 24-47% by 2050. The Commission’s role is to provide independent, evidence-based advice to reach those targets.

The report was delivered to the Minister of Climate Change and then tabled in Parliament in June 2021.

The Commission believes they have presented ambitious and achievable paths that Aotearoa can take to meet its climate targets and contribute to global efforts to address climate change.

It is now over to Government to decide whether to accept the advice, and to show how it will shape climate action in Aotearoa. The Government has until 31 December 2021 to set the first three emissions budgets out to 2035 and release the country’s first emissions reduction plan detailing the policies it will use to achieve the budgets.

The Commission says their evidence shows climate action is affordable.

Ināia tonu nei: a low emissions future for Aotearoa (PDF 8 MB)