Webcast : RMLA Fresh Water Road Show : Auckland

The new National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management and National Environmental Standard for Freshwater require practitioners to re-conceptualise the place of water and ecosystems, with implications for how we manage land, waterbodies and receiving environments to improve freshwater health.  From farming to provision of stormwater infrastructure to land use in or near wetlands, everyone whose practice touches on freshwater management will need to be aware of the requirements of these instruments and associated changes to the RMA.

RMLA/Te Kahui Ture Taiao is pleased to present the first of a two part seminar and livestream that examined some of the issues arising out of the NES and NPS.

Each session covered different aspects of freshwater management.  This session in Auckland addressed:

  • Management of point source discharges in an urban environment
  • Wetlands – definitions, recent case law, guidance

The powerpoint presentations can be found here:

Sharon Dines, Ramboll Limited

Ian Boothroyd, Boffa Miskell Limited

Sally Gepp, Barrister