Funding for implementation of RMA reform


Budget 2021 has provided significant funding for the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the resource management system that will enhance housing supply and economic development while protecting the environment.

Environment Minister David Parker said the reform is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish a resource management system that is fit for purpose.

“The Government is investing $131.8 million through Vote Environment in the design, enactment, transition, and initial implementation of the reforms through to mid-2024.”

He said there was broad consensus that the RMA had not adequately protected the environment or enabled development where needed.

In 2019 the Government commissioned an expert review of the resource management system and the reforms are based on the Panel’s recommendations.

The Resource Management Act will be repealed and replaced by three new pieces of legislation. These are the Natural and Built Environments Act (NBA), Strategic Planning Act (SPA) and Climate Adaptation Act (CAA). The CAA is subject to a separate budget process.

The Government is working with local government to ensure there is no unnecessary disruption during the transition to the new system.