The role of the Climate Change Commission


Climate Change Commission  Chair Dr Rod Carr explains the organisations role.

Since consultation on our draft advice closed on 28 March 2021, the team at the Commission have been busy processing submissions and preparing our final advice to government 

When we look at ‘what’s next?’, it’s important for New Zealanders to understand what the Commission is and isn’t responsible for. Let’s recall our role – to provide independent, evidence-based advice to the Government of the day. 

While the Commission has a number of tasks, our current focus is to provide our final advice on the emissions budgets for Aotearoa out to 2035, and provide guidance on the direction of the emissions reduction plan – which includes recommendations on the types of policies the Government could develop to achieve the emissions budgets they will set.  

And our independence means we are responsible for exercising judgement in making tradeoffs when developing our advice, on the basis of the sound information we have.  

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