From your President


He mihi nui ki ngā mema katoa,

It may be the change of seasons, but I’m feeling reflective. Since I took over the role as RMLA President in September 2019, we have experienced a global pandemic, resultant recession, a new majority government, a “new direction” for our resource management system, establishment of the Climate Change Commission, Three Waters reform, substantial urban development initiatives, fast-track consenting and shovel ready projects.

The past week alone has heralded a major overhaul of our health system and a Ministerial review into the future of local government.

The concept of “reform fatigue” has entered our discourse. As with “compassion fatigue”, which can apply to climate change or natural disasters, if we become overexposed we can become indifferent. We’re working hard to ensure RMLA members don’t suffer from this unfortunate condition !!

We’re doing this in a variety of ways: sending you short, digestible summaries of reform proposals; using our Knowledge Hubs and Discourse app to generate discussion; rolling out our Engagement Action Plan and Communications Strategy to ensure we are well placed to engage on reform proposals at the right time, to influence draft policy at an early stage.

I’ve been delighted at the level of engagement with our national roadshow on “implementation issues”. This is clearly a matter that practitioners feel strongly about and well placed to comment on.

The product of that engagement will be a short report with several key recommendations which will be presented to Minister Parker.  That roadshow will be livestreamed from Christchurch on 7 May so please overcome any fatigue you may be suffering and contribute to that discussion. We’d love to hear from you,

Mauri mahi, mauri ora  – keep up the good work !