Regional Sector welcomes public transport emission reduction support

Local Government New Zealand’s (LGNZ) Regional Sector is welcoming the Government’s announcement on public transport decarbonisation.

The announcement includes measures to support zero-emissions public transport buses from 2025, and have the entire public transport bus fleet decarbonised by 2035, with the Government to provide $50 million to assist with this.

“As the providers of public transport services across New Zealand, regional councils have played an active role in emission reductions for a long time. The announcement gives significant support to our decarbonisation plans,” said LGNZ Regional Sector Chair and Bay of Plenty Regional Chair Doug Leeder.

Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) is one council that has ramped up the number of electric busses in their public transport fleet, and is planning for a fully decarbonised bus fleet by 2030.

“We know that the easiest wins in greenhouse gas reductions are in the transport sector. The more we move our transport fleet onto modern fuel sources such as EVs, and our public out of private cars and onto public transport, the greener our future will be,” said GWRC Chair and Regional Sector spokesperson Daran Ponter.

“That’s why this announcement is really important, as it builds on the work that local authorities such as greater Wellington Regional Council have been working on, to decarbonise the public transport fleet and we look forward to working closely with the Government on this exciting initiative.”