Te Waihanga to look at infrastructure’s role in improving well-being

New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga is looking at the role infrastructure can have in improving New Zealander’s wellbeing.

A paper, “Infrastructure under one roof”, is part of Te Waihanga’s work on a 30-year infrastructure strategy to be presented to the Minister for Infrastructure in September 2021.

Chief Executive Ross Copland says “This paper sets out the lens through which we look at infrastructure strategy. Starting with the services that we need from our infrastructure provides focus on the wellbeing outcomes we are trying to achieve, whether it’s the ability to get to work in a reasonable time, have affordable heating for our homes or run a successful online business.”

“It also recognises that no one part of our infrastructure works by itself: our roads carry our pipes and powerlines and they connect us to social infrastructure like schools. It’s a system, and our job will be to identify the ways we can extract the most value from the system over the next thirty years to improve the lives of New Zealanders.”

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