Clean energy future for more schools

Schools across Aotearoa New Zealand will be supported by the Government to upgrade to run on clean energy.

The Minister for Climate Change James Shaw has allocated $50 million from the Clean Powered Public Service Fund to replace, or convert, coal boilers in schools with clean energy alternatives, including at 18 schools.

The $50 million allocated for clean energy upgrades in schools will reduce carbon emissions by around 36,500 tonnes over the next ten years.

Allocating $50 million to replace more coal boilers in schools over the next three years builds on the work underway to support schools to become more environmentally-friendly.

“Replacing coal boilers builds on what this Government has already done to improve sustainability in schools. For example, the Sustainability Contestable Fund is helping schools all over New Zealand to reduce their environmental impact and switch to more climate-friendly ways of doing things. As well as helping the environment, these projects also provide great learning opportunities for students,” James Shaw said.

The $200m Clean Powered Public Service Fund was launched in January as part of the Government’s New Zealand Upgrade Programme.