Transport drives households’ carbon footprint up

Stats NZ  data shows household transport emissions increased by 2,069 kilotonnes (15 percent) between 2011 and 2017.

This led to an overall increase in household emissions of 3,576 kilotonnes (9.1 percent).

New data released by Stats NZ on consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions shows that while the direct use of fuel by New Zealand households is significant, it represents just over half of the total transport carbon footprint of households.

Indirect transport emissions, which arise from the extraction, refining, and transport of fuel before its use, and household use of other modes of transport such as air, water, and rail, are becoming an increasingly significant part of the total transport carbon footprint of households.

Households contributed 71 percent to New Zealand’s total carbon footprint in 2017. Transport accounted for 37 percent of the carbon footprint of households, food and non-alcoholic beverages contributed 25 percent, and housing and household utilities, which included the use of electricity, contributed 12 percent.

Greenhouse gas emissions (consumption-based): Year ended 2017