Plan to tackle problem plastics and seven single-use plastic items

Following the success of the phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags, the Government now has plans to phase out more single-use and problem plastics to reduce waste and protect the environment.

The proposals are to phase-out:

  • some hard-to-recycle PVC and polystyrene packaging and oxo-degradable plastic products
  • seven single-use plastic items, including plastic straws, drink stirrers, produce bags, tableware (e.g. plastic plates, bowls, cutlery) and non-compostable fruit stickers.

These proposals are part of a consultation document ‘Reducing the impact of plastic on our environment’

The Government has:

  • Opened public consultation on proposals to phase out certain hard-to-recycle plastics and seven single-use plastic items.
  • Released its response to the report “Rethinking Plastics in Aotearoa New Zealand” by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Juliet Gerrard in December 2019. The Government’s detailed response includes commitments to:
    • Investigate how we can improve the depth and accessibility of data on plastics.
    • Develop a plastics research agenda and stimulate innovation.
    • Support education initiatives, sectors, businesses and communities to take action on plastics.
    • Develop guidelines for government agencies to encourage more sustainable use of plastics during procurement processes.
    • Better coordinate and leverage international connections to support our plastics agenda, and Pacific neighbours in their plastics management.

More information can be found here