First national climate change risk assessment for New Zealand

The first national climate change risk assessment helps the Government identify where it needs to prioritise action.

The risk assessment:

  • gives the first national picture of the risks New Zealand faces from climate change
  • identifies 43 priority risks covering all aspects of life from our ecosystems and communities to buildings and the financial system
  • groups risks according to five value domains: natural environment, human, economy, built environment, and governance
  • identifies the 10 most significant risks that require urgent action in the next six years to reduce their impacts
  • lays the foundation for a national adaptation plan which will outline the Government’s response to these risks.

Next steps

National adaptation plan within two years

  • A national adaptation plan will outline what we need to do to respond to the risks and will be published by August 2022.
  • The Government will work with iwi/Māori, local government and others to develop the plan. New Zealanders will also have an opportunity to have their say.
  • The Climate Change Commission will monitor its implementation and report to the Minister every two years on its effectiveness.

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