MPI gives $3 million boost to restore waterways

The Ministry for Primary Industries is providing an extra $3 million to the New Zealand Landcare Trust to improve New Zealand’s waterways and promote sustainable management practices, says MPI’s deputy director-general Agricultural and Investment Services, Karen Adair.

The funding from the Productive and Sustainable Land Use Programme will help the New Zealand Landcare Trust to employ up to 7 new staff, to provide vital services across the country to clean up waterways and promote more sustainable practices.

“This new funding will increase the trust’s national coverage and enable them to employ a new team of regional coordinators to work with the farming community to integrate sustainable land and water management practices into their farming systems.”

The new funding continues the government’s support to farmers and others to help them make environmental and freshwater improvements.

The trust’s chief executive Dr Nick Edgar said “This is a critical time for farmers to up their game and have a lasting positive impact on our freshwater ecosystems. The funding will effectively double the trust’s on-ground network of regional coordinators supporting farmers across New Zealand.”