Auckland Council’s bold city centre vision

Auckland’s innovative vision for its city centre – a more liveable, green and people-friendly future – is here with the adoption of a refreshed City Centre Masterplan.

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has agreed on the high-level 20-year vision for the city centre and waterfront off the back of an overwhelming 76 per cent support through public consultation.

Updating the 2012 Masterplan, the key focus on new transformational designs – Access for Everyone, Grafton Gully Boulevard and Māori Outcomes – provide for a welcoming, safe and vibrant city centre featuring greener and healthier spaces, easier access and well-connected rapid transit and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Mayor Phil Goff says the changes will contribute to making Auckland a world-class destination.

“For Aucklanders and visitors alike, we want the city centre to be a place where people want to go. It needs to be a vibrant, exciting and environmentally attractive place to be in, as well as a thriving residential and employment centre.”

“That means building the city centre around people, not motor vehicles.”

“A city centre which is more accessible and less congested will have a better and healthier environment and will be a great place to relax in and enjoy.”

“The city centre creates 20 per cent of Auckland’s GDP, and making it stronger increases the economic wellbeing of the whole city,” Phil Goff said.