Auckland Council’s vision for accessible city centre updated

Auckland Council’s vision for a liveable, green and accessible city centre has been refreshed.

Originally adopted in 2012, Auckland Council’s CCMP sets out a 20-year vision for the heart of the city.

Expanding on the original masterplan, new ideas and opportunities are being introduced in the refresh which include an integrated plan for the Waterfront, an Access for Everyone city centre concept, Māori outcomes and a new proposal to connect Parnell to the eastern edge of the city centre.

Public consultation was open between 9 September and 18 October 2019 and attracted 542 pieces of feedback from individuals, businesses, organisations and stakeholders. Feedback will be incorporated in the draft CMMP for endorsement by the council’s Planning Committee in March 2020.

Based on the six outcomes underpinning the Auckland Plan 2050, the draft CCMP presents a vision of a city centre that is more family-friendly, more pedestrian-friendly and more environmentally friendly.

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