Ipsos NZ Issues Monitor November 2019

Since Feb 2018 the Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor has tracked what New Zealanders believe to be the most important issues facing the country and the ability of the country’s political parties to best manage the issues.

The November 2019 issues monitor shows that more than three out of five New Zealanders (62%) believe they cannot afford to buy a home in their local property market. Just 38% of respondents said they think they could afford to buy a home, compared to a 42% global average. Housing remains the top issue facing New Zealanders.

Highlights from the key findings include:

  • Climate change and the environment are trending up in the list of issues, sitting in 6th and 7th position respectively. The Green Party is seen as the party best suited to manage these two issues. In Australia, the environment hit top position (equal with the cost of living) for the first time.
  • In April, soon after the March 15th terror attacks, Labour’s perceived capability to manage key issues increased significantly across each of the 20 issues measured. Since then the Issues Monitor shows that results have returned to pre-terror attack levels across the majority of issues.
  • Perceptions of the current government’s performance also increased significantly after the terror attacks but have now returned to previous levels.

The Ipsos New Zealand Issues Monitor