2019 RMLA Annual Awards winners announced


The RMLA Awards took place on the closing night of RMLA’s Annual Conference, themed Visionary Environments, on Friday 27 September. With an extremely high calibre of our keynote and plenary speakers and our panels, this year’s RMLA Annual Conference attracted over 300 delegates.  The awards made this year include:

RMLA Publication Award 2019

This award is occasionally made for publications which make a significant contribution to the advancement of best resource management practice. They can be an academic, technical or other industry journals at the discretion of the subcommittee.  The criteria include:

  1. Whether the publication has clearly demonstrated exceptional research and/or teaching performance;
  2. Whether the publication or project made a major contribution to the profession of resource management;
  3. Whether the publication demonstrates best current knowledge or practice;
  4. Whether the publication makes significant contribution to the wider understanding of resource management, including an understanding by the general public; and
  5. Whether it employs innovative techniques and methods of merit.

This year, the publication award was made to the publication: Reform of the Resource Management System: The Next Generationauthored by Dr Greg Severinsen and Raewyn Peart of EDS for exceptional research making a major contribution to the profession of resource management.

RMLA Project Award 2019

RMLA’s Project Award 2019 was awarded to The Lyttleton Port Recovery Project by Chapman Tripp, Andrew Purves  Planning & Resource Management Ltd and Enviser Ltd for an innovative and inclusive consideration to the unique issues raised by the Christchurch earthquakes.

RMLA Regional Award 2019

This year there were two winners in this category.

From the Bay of Plenty region the award went to Paul Cooney, and from the Nelson/Marlborough region, the award went to Dennis Bush-King, both for their significant contributions in their areas of resource management expertise, for their region and nationally.


RMLA Outstanding Person Award 2019

The Resource Management Law Association’s Outstanding Person Award 2019 went to Richard Brabant for an outstanding contribution, particularly to the further development and understanding of the law, theory and practice in resource management.

Mr Brabant was involved in some of the seminal RMA cases which still provide the foundation for legal theory in assessing applications to this day.

RMLA congratulates this year’s RMLA Annual Award winners for their noteworthy contribution to best practice in the field of Resource Management.


About RMLA’s Annual Awards:

The Resource Management Law Association makes annual awards in the field of resource management.

The focus of the awards is to:

  • Award excellence in resource management documents including National Standards, Policy Statements, section 32 analyses, District or Regional plans or other such documents, prepared by or on behalf of government or local authorities in fulfilment of their duties under the Resource Management Act 1991 or other significant documentary contributions such as books and journals;
  • Recognise outstanding contributions by individuals; and
  • Award projects that have made a significant contribution to the development of best practice and the implementation of the RMA’s purpose and principles.

For more information about the RMLA’s Annual Awards, please click here.