One year into Trees That Count partnership

A partnership between the One Billion Trees Programme and Trees That Count has resulted in almost double the number of native trees planted by the Trust in the past year, Forestry Minister Shane Jones said.

In June 2018, the Government announced a commitment of $6.6 million to support Project Crimson’s Trees That Count – which provides a link between those donating trees and those planting trees.

“This partnership project was one of the first through the One Billion Trees Programme and has played a crucial role in mobilising kiwis to get out there and plant native trees to mitigate climate change, improve the environment and increase biodiversity,” Shane Jones said.

“Over the last year, Trees That Count has supported 122,000 native trees to be planted, up from 64,000.”

“Just as importantly, they have been able to accelerate their ability to unlock non-government funding at an exceptional rate with an increase from $135,000 to $650,000.”

“On top of this, we have seen regional staff recruited across the country to better support landowners and share the benefits of planting native trees on their properties.”

“This is about supporting landowners to integrate trees into their landscapes and plant the right tree, in the right place. It’s also more than an investment in trees. It’s an investment in people, our regional communities and our environment.”

“In total, Trees That Count has supported the planting of more than 250,000 native trees throughout New Zealand,” Shane Jones said.