New fisheries research projects planned

Fisheries New Zealand has announced its fisheries research proposals for the coming year.

Manager Fisheries Science Dr Rich Ford says research is critical to managing New Zealand’s fisheries in a sustainable way.

“Scientific data is the backbone of New Zealand’s fisheries management system – we spend about $22 million on research each year.

“We run an annual process to prioritise our fisheries research based on the needs of fisheries management plans, Threat Management Plans, National Plans of Action and any new issues or trends that emerge in New Zealand’s fisheries.

“This research is used to support stock assessments and assessments of environmental impacts that feed into the Quota Management System, which is used to manage fisheries sustainably.

“These 63 projects will add to a wide range of ongoing fisheries projects covering research on recreational fishing issues, inshore fish stocks, and the environmental impacts of fishing, among other things.

“Fisheries New Zealand has over 30 years of scientific research material on fisheries, which we are continuously adding to and gaining further insight into the marine environment.

Fisheries research processes