Micromobility: Safety problem or transport solution?

An article in the latest BECA newsletter focusses on changing commuter habits.

Marcus Brown, Principal – Transportation for BECA says “While there has been a significant focus on the replacement of our passenger cars with autonomous vehicles, the explosion of micromobility on our streets has taken many by surprise.

“Micromobility has been around for as long as the bicycle. But the technology and form has changed. The proliferation of e-bike and e-scooter start-ups has brought into focus the shape of transport today and in the future. We are waking up to the fact that the future of urban mobility is not just about driverless cars.”

Over 70 per cent of the New Zealand population live in urban areas and there is an increasing shift towards urban living, typified by housing intensification such as apartments and townhouses. Many of these residents will not have the space or need to own passenger vehicles and many won’t have access to parking at home or work.