Tauranga inner harbour erosion study outcomes

Since the late 1990s, Tauranga City Council has been mapping and planning for natural hazards on behalf of our community.

Council has updated the data held on inner harbour erosion on residential files. Letters were sent to the owners of 1180 properties that lie within the zones identified as susceptible to erosion around the Tauranga Harbour.

This latest study on inner harbour erosion considers a range of potential sea level rise scenarios out to 2130.

Council says it improves their understanding of the risks that sea level rise could create, and how our inner harbour shoreline may respond over the coming 100 years, a timeframe set by the Ministry for the Environment.

The updated information on inner harbour erosion is now included in property files and made available on council’s website with a mapping tool allowing people to see modelled erosion impacts for different locations, timeframes and sea level rise scenarios.