Environment Aotearoa 2019

Environment Aotearoa 2019, is part of the Ministry for the Environment and  Stats NZ’s legislated environmental reporting programme.

Every six months they produce a report focused on a different ‘domain’ – air, freshwater, marine, atmosphere and climate, and land.

Every three years they produce a ‘synthesis’ report – bringing together the data and findings from across the domain reports to help us step inside and view our environment as a whole, in all its complexity.

The report brings together the knowledge base from three years of reporting and identifies nine priority issues:

  • Our native plants, animals and ecosystems are under threat.
  • Changes to the vegetation on our land are degrading the soil and water.
  • Urban growth is reducing versatile land and native biodiversity.
  • Our waterways are polluted in farming areas.
  • Our environment is polluted in urban areas.
  • Taking water changes flows which affects our freshwater ecosystems.
  • The way we fish is affecting the health of our ocean environment.
  • New Zealand has high greenhouse gas emissions per person.
  • Climate change is already affecting Aotearoa New Zealand.

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