Review into Tauranga City Council’s actions in failed Bella Vista development

The Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) has released its review into how the Tauranga City Council performed its building control functions with respect to the failed Bella Vista development.

“MBIE’s review concluded there were a number of reasons for the Council’s failure to perform its regulatory functions with respect to the Bella Vista Development, but the common theme was the Council’s failure to follow its own normal building control processes for this development,” said Lead Advisor Paul Hobbs who led MBIE’s review.

“MBIE found Council management intervened in normal process, assigning the development a single point of contact, meaning concerns about the development were not escalated appropriately.”

The review also found Council did not:

  • enter conditions on building consents or follow through on the need for third-party verification of compliance;
  • manage departures from building consents in accordance with the proper pro­cedure;
  • use enforcement powers to stop or require reme­diation of non-compliant building work when this was observed; and
  • maintain proper records.

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