New Zealand world leader in reducing methane emissions from livestock

The New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGRC) has welcomed the findings of an independent review, which concluded the centre is a scientific success.

The NZAGRC is a partnership launched in 2010 between leading New Zealand agricultural greenhouse gas research providers and the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium. It is also actively supporting other bodies such as the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on agricultural greenhouse gases.

The aim of the independent review was to determine if the NZAGRC has delivered as intended and assess its progress to date.

“The review found New Zealand is a world leader in all fields of agricultural greenhouse gas research and strongly endorsed the research programme’s performance to date,” says NZAGRC Director Dr. Harry Clark.

“New Zealand is a small country, but we punch above our weight in climate change-related agricultural research. The reviewers noted the high-quality research and international recognition enabled by the NZAGRC through showcasing its scientific activities and capability internationally.”

Download the review report [PDF, 809 KB]