Renewable electricity generation in June quarter hits 37-year high

Favourable hydro and wind conditions in the second quarter of 2018 led to the highest proportion of renewable electricity generation for the quarter since 1981.

The latest New Zealand Energy Quarterly covers the period April-June 2018 and provides quarterly data and analysis on energy supply, demand, prices and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable sources accounted for 85 per cent of electricity generation for the June quarter, up from 79 per cent on the same quarter a year ago and the highest renewable share of electricity for the quarter in 37 years.

Hydro generation was up 13 per cent and wind generation 12 per cent compared to the June 2017 quarter and generation from non-renewable sources fell by 27 per cent from a year earlier.

This was despite national electricity demand being unchanged for the quarter compared to the same period last year.

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