RM Journal

Reflections on the Unitary Plan Process

The Auckland Unitary Plan process, which involved the promulgation of the country’s first combined Regional Policy Statement, Regional and District Plan, is now drawing to an end.

For those heavily involved in the process, which has involved five years of demanding workload, it is an opportunity to reflect on those aspects of the process that worked well and those that perhaps (in retrospect) could have been improved.

This article is published in the August edition of the RMJ, with authors Dr Claire Kirman, Partner, Alex Devine, Senior Solicitor, and Kirsty Dibley, Law Clerk, Ellis Gould saying the demands of the shortened time frames, the back-to-back hearings, and the need to present complex legal and planning arguments regarding the future of the Region in heavily constrained time-allocations for hearings, came at high financial and personal cost for those involved in the process.

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