Review of special character consents

Auckland Council has begun contacting around 430 Aucklanders to alert them to a potential issue with decisions made on their resource consents during 2017.

The resource consents, decided between 1 December 2016 and 19 December 2017, relate to properties “zoned ‘Residential – Single House’ and are within the ‘Special Character Areas Residential Overlay’ under the Auckland Unitary Plan.”

After receiving external legal advice, the council granted consents in these specific areas using only the Special Character Overlay rules but did not consider the related underlying zone rules.

This means not all of the relevant rules within the Auckland Unitary Plan were considered. While these consents are still valid, they are at risk of legal action and the council is asking these resource consents holders to update their resource consents to address all relevant planning matters.

Read the legal advice and Environment Court ruling