Submissions open on CRL’s marine dumping consent

EPA has publicly notified the application lodged by Coastal Resources Limited (CRL) for a marine dumping consent.

The application is to dump up to 250,000m3 of dredged material annually from source sites within Auckland and Waikato at an offshore existing dump site, 25 km east of Great Barrier Island, for 35 years. This dump site is CRL’s consented Northern Disposal Area.

View the public notice of the application (pdf 248KB)

The public submission period will run for 30 working days from Monday 30 July 2018.

Submissions on the application must be received by EPA and CRL, no later than 5.00pm on Monday 10 September 2018.

Full details about the application and how to make a submission are available here

You can contact EPA about CRL’s application on 0800 080 065 or email