Auckland’s Port joins coalition to fight climate change

Ports of Auckland Chief Executive Tony Gibson has joined with the leaders of 60 Kiwi business to fight climate change.

“Climate change is the issue of our time, and how we meet this challenge will define us. We can’t expect ‘The Government’ to solve the problem alone, we all have to roll our sleeves up, get stuck in and fix this,” said Mr Gibson.

The Climate Leaders Coalition is a collective of business leaders who have each committed to act on climate change and have signed the CEO Climate Change Statement.

The Climate Change Statement commits businesses to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and work to reduce them.

Ports of Auckland has set a goal to be a zero-emissions port by 2040. We have measured our emissions and become the first port in New Zealand to be CEMARS® certified. We have a plan to manage our emissions and have recently committed to set science-based emissions reductions targets through the Science Based Targets initiative. We are the first port in the world to make this commitment.