MfE Alert: Environmental Report ‘Our Land 2018’

The Ministry for the Environment’s forthcoming Environmental Report will focus on Land. Our land 2018, the fourth domain report in the Ministry for the Environment/Statistics NZ Environmental Reporting series, will be released on 19 April.

In addition to the report, Ministry for the Environment (MfE) will also publish videos, an infographic and case studies and other information on the MfE website, along with indicator pages including dynamic maps and graphs on Statistics NZ’s website. The raw data will be accessible from MfE’s website.

An overview of the land indicators for Our land 2018 is online now and can be accessed here.

MfE has indicated that the conversations it would like to have on land use will be broader than the information in Our land 2018, and that it is keen to engage further on land priorities for all land users, including primary producers, iwi, businesses, and central and local government, including how best to collaborate on managing land use impacts across the environment.

Looking ahead to April 2019, MfE will release a synthesis report presenting a picture across New Zealand’s environment, including the current state, the pressures and impacts.

To learn more about opportunities for engaging on MfE’s flagship publication for Aotearoa please, contact:

Bronwyn Bannister: