Auckland’s 35-year stormwater discharge consent application creates stir

The Auckland Council application for a 35-year consent to both divert stormwater through the public network and overland as well as discharging it into the environment has been met with skepticism from the public, according to a report by Radio New Zealand.

A local environmental researcher, John McCaffrey, told RNZ reporters that the resource consent effectively allows the Council to “do whatever [it] chooses for 35 years without constraints”. He points out that stormwater is as contaminating as raw sewerage, in that it carries zinc, lead, oils, diesel, animal waste and more, and urges the Council to adopt measures that prevent the overflow of stormwater and sewerage into streams and the beaches.

The Council noted that the region currently has multiple consents that are  inconsistent. It says the consent being applied for is required under the unitary plan as a discretionary activity  – and that the council must therefore apply for it.

Submissions on the 35-year resource consent are open until March 20.

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