MfE releases NPS-UDC guidance

Guidance on how to give effect to the evidence and monitoring requirements of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity (NPS-UDC) has been published on the Ministry for the Environment’s website.  You can find the guidance here:

The guidance includes:

  • Part one: Introductory guide on evidence and monitoring
  • Part two: Assessing demand and development capacity for housing
  • Part three: Assessing demand and development capacity for business
  • Part four: Business and housing interactions
  • Part five: Monitoring market indicators

An open-source development feasibility spreadsheet model has also been released on the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment website here:

This has been designed to assist councils to estimate how much of the development capacity enabled by their plans and infrastructure would be feasible (to a developer) to develop. This is required as part of the housing and business development capacity assessment under policy PB3c) of the NPS-UDC. Councils could use the model to undertake the assessment, or to inform the development of their own development feasibility model.