Productivity Commission picks out path to a low carbon economy

The Productivity Commission has been tasked by the Ministries of Finance and Climate Change with reviewing the opportunities, costs and risks of transitioning to a lower carbon economy. The Commission’s objective is to assess the economic trade-offs needed to meet New Zealand’s 2030 Paris Agreement target.

The Productivity Commission is to assess which of the many ways of reducing emissions will make the most economic sense for New Zealand. It will draw on expertise from a range of stakeholders including central and local government, the Climate Change Iwi Leadership Group, relevant industry and NGO groups, scientific and academic bodies and the general public.

Steps that have already been taken to meet the 2030 target of the Paris Agreement include:

  • A review of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Encouraging the up-take of electric vehicles and other energy efficiency technologies; and
  • Establishing the Global Research Alliance to fund research into emissions mitigation in pasture based livestock systems.

The Commission will report back by 30 June 2018.

Image credit: Freepik