Tribunal appointed to consider protection for Hawke’s Bay rivers

A special tribunal has been appointed to consider an application for a Water Conservation Order on Hawke’s Bay’s Ngaruroro and Clive rivers.

The tribunal, which includes Richard Fowler (chair), Alec Neill, Dr Roger Maaka, Dr Ngaire Phillips and John McCliskie, is to consider an application to protect the outstanding values of the Ngaruroro and Clive rivers. The application has been put forward by the New Zealand Fish and Game Council, Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game Council, Ngāti Hori ki Kohupatiki, Whitewater New Zealand, Jet Boating New Zealand, and the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

Water Conservation Orders are set up to recognise and sustain waters considered to be outstanding as a habitat or fishery, or for scenic, scientific or recreational values. Once made, an order is able to restrict resource use to protect these outstanding values.

The public will be invited to make submissions on the application, and the tribunal will then hold a hearing before reporting back to the Environment Minister, Dr Nick Smith, with recommendations. The tribunal’s findings can be appealed to the Environment Court.

For more information about Water Conservation Orders, click here.

Image credit: Department of Conservation