EDS challenges MPI on King Salmon consultation

The Environmental Defence Society has announced its intention to submit in opposition to the Ministry for Primary Industries’ proposals for new salmon farms in the protected Outer Marlborough Sounds.

At the end of January, The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)  launched a consultation on its proposal to relocate up to six King Salmon-operated salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds. If relocation proceeds, the Minister for Primary Industries would make regulations under section 360A of the Resource Management Act 1991 to change the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan to enable relocation.

But environmental NGO, Environmental Defence Society (EDS), has voiced its concern over the nature of the consultation and the apparent absence of any proper examination of the alternatives, such as the option to reduce stocking density at existing sites as a means of reducing water pollution from the farms.

“The [consultation] process is a questionable one. It invites people to make written submissions, which will be considered by a panel appointed by government. There is no provision for cross-examination of experts and so the hearing lacks robustness.  The panel makes recommendations to the Minister who decides with no rights of appeal. It looks very much like going through the motions,” said Mr Taylor.

EDS also notes its concern that little weight is being attached to landscape impacts and acknowledgement of the earlier Supreme Court decision in EDS v King Salmon Ltd. According to EDS, the Supreme Court decision is binding law and at least 3 of the 6 sites proposed “should not even have got this far”.

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