Dont miss RMLAs November Roadshows

Following her compelling contribution to the RMLA Journal’s November 2014 issue, Russell McVeagh Partner, Bronwyn Carruthers, has hit the road to deliver a timely ‘High Court Case Law’ presentation.

In a deft appraisal of six recent High Court notification decisions, Bronwyn highlights noteworthy issues that have emerged. Among these, she examines the question of ‘if, when and how’ unimplemented resource consents should inform consenting decisions. She goes on to explore how the discretionary process can be used to prevent ‘environmental creep’ resulting from notional environmental degradation under successive unimplemented consents.

At the most recent RMLA Roadshow in Hawkes Bay on October 22, which attracted 23 attendees, Bronwyn illustrated why closer attention to the nuances of ‘the environment’ and ‘the permitted baseline’ is pivotal to achieving more consistent outcomes. Her thought-provoking delivery prompted animated discussion during the speech and at the networking drinks that followed.

Bronwyn will be delivering her presentation to RMLA members in Queenstown, Auckland and Whangarei on November the 5th and 10th and 23rd, respectively.

This is an event not to be missed. To secure your place at the forthcoming Road Shows hosted by Anderson Lloyd, Russell McVeagh and Forum North, register at www.rmla.org.nz/events, or contact Karol Helmink, Executive Officer.