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Significant contributions to major new environmental law text by AAG members

RMLA AAG member Associate Prof David Grinlinton, together with other AAG colleagues including Klaus Bosselmann, Trevor Daya Winterbottom, Prue Taylor, Ceri Warnock and Nicola Wheen have provided integral contributions to a major new work on environmental law, Environmental Law in New Zealand published in June 2015 by Thomson Reuters.

A foreword by the Chief Justice, Rt Hon Sian Elias GNZM, notes that the book “provides a thoroughgoing review of all facets of environmental law” and “the complexity of the topic is not underestimated.” …

“The book is a work of imagination and scholarship as well as one of demystification and explanation. It will be a standard reference for practitioners and others working in the field. It is also readable and thought-provoking.”

In addition to the overall editing of the work, David Grinlinton wrote four of the foundational chapters in the book.  David has taught and researched in this area since joining the academic staff at Auckland Law School in 1989. He says “I have always felt a strong affinity with the natural environment and believe that protection of ecological values and sustainable development of natural resources is a fundamental responsibility of society. Law and policy is critical in advancing these objectives, and hopefully the book will provide greater clarity on the current legal framework, and some useful ideas for future development”.

A detailed overview, table of contents and sample of the work can be obtained at this link, where the book can also be purchased in hard copy or e-book format.