RMLA Scholarship Report 2013

Two applications were received in 2013.  The RMLA awarded scholarships to both Rachael Harris for completion of her Masters of Law at the University of Canterbury and Horiana Irwin for completion for her Masters of Law at Harvard Law School.

Rachael’s research seeks to explore the future of co-governance of natural resources in New Zealand utilising two case studies where the Crown or their agencies have entered into co-governance arrangements with iwi.

Rachael will study the history of Ngāi Tahu and Ngāi TÅ«hoe governance of natural resources from the Treaty of Waitangi, through each iwi’s Waitangai settlement to the co-governance they are involved with today.  Rachael will examine the effectiveness of two current co-governance arrangements in terms of how the partnership is working to promote iwi interests.  The first case study is the partnership between Ngāi Tahu and the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Agency (CERA) and the second being the agreement governing Te Urewera (formerly a Crown-owned National Park) now being jointly managed  by the Department of Conservation and Ngāi TÅ«hoe.  Rachael objective is to provide comment on how co-governance arrangements are developing and perhaps where the future of co-governance of natural resources in New Zealand lies.

Horiana’s focus while at Harvard Law School is a comparative analysis of environmental regulation in New Zealand and the United States with a focus on extractive industries.

Horiana’s thesis will have a particular focus on how the United States deals with environmental regulation with respect to the interface between international corporations and indigenous peoples.  Horiana is particularly interested in studying specific case studies of how these environmental regulatory issues have been approached and how best practice models can be developed for ensuring that indigenous peoples and their values are substantially incorporated into decision making and resource management.

Rachael and Horiana will receive a scholarship of $5,000 each.

Ian Fraser
Scholarship Convenor