Property Rights and Sustainability: The Evolution of Property Rights to Meet Ecological Challenges. Martinus Nijhoff Brill, 2011

Property concepts are an important element in the interaction between humans and the natural environment. A driver of eco­logical harm, property concepts can also become a powerful tool for responding to ecological problems in ways that have so far eluded both government regulators and markets. Going beyond the traditional critiques of liberal property theories, Property Rights and Sustainability takes on the challenge of fundamentally reconceptualising property rights and systems. It makes a significant contribution to rebalancing the legal framework in a way that recognises humanity as a member of a larger ecological order, the health and integrity of which is of primary importance to the long-term viability of our planet.

This book is edited by David Grinlinton and Prue Taylor of the New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, with sponsorship from the NZ Law Foundation. It can be ordered from brill@turpin-distribution.com